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Re[153]: Questions... Name: Kazuo Date: 2004/12/16(Thu) 00:17  No.154  Mail  [Reply]
Hi Ernesto! Thanks for posting again. :-)

About the news about cancelling the F2 project, I believe it is still under discussion. No one knows the result at this point. But I think all JSDF projects will be reduced in a next few years. I think the total purchase of F2s will be under 100.

By the way, I visited Nyu-tabaru airbase 10 days ago. I was lucky because I met an AGR's maintenance crew, and ... I got the color numbers of AGR's scheme!! :-)
Some of them are specified using Japanese paint manufacturer's code. so I'm asking the manufacturer to get a good English document to convert the codes into standard colors. When I get it, I will make new page.