Last update: 11/1/2001

The mission of is to promote research and information sharing of Japan Air Self Defense Force (aka. JASDF) F-15J/DJ Eagle to aviation enthusiast.  And also, I want to make here to useful data base.  Please send me your nice pictures, episodes, etc.  All information is welcome.  Let's enjoy the page, and Play nice! :-)

The following are the policy regarding an information offer. Please check this before you offer.

Basis policy:
This site is for hobby, and gathers the information from F-15J/DJ fans.  We never exchange underground information e.g. conflict to the Japanese law.  If the not good information is written to message boards, I may eliminate it without any notice.  And, I will decline illegal information from JSDF officer and related person.  However, I welcome the information that is disclosed officially.  If there is the information that is not good, please let me know.  I do the best treatment.

About information:
- I pay attention to the information in this site, but I have no responsibility for them.
- The information I received via e-mail, I will publish it to appropriate page, unless you specified.
- I am going to add your name to information you sent.  If you won't publish your name, please let me know.
- If information you sent is already exist in this site, I will not publish it.  I will let you know why it is not published.

Specification of the image data:

- I will publish your photos with adjusting 800 pixel width, and about 100kb size. If possible, please send your photos with over this size.
- There is the possibility that I adjust the color and quality of your photo.  If you don't agree with re-touch, please let me know.
- I will add your name to your photo.  Of course, you can input your name before send to me.  If you won't embedded your name, please let me know.
- If you can remember the shooting day and place, please send them too.
- There is the possibility that your photo is not published with some reason.  If your photo does not published without my notice, could you please send "ping" to me?

The copyright of data:
- The copyright of the data is reverted to the data originator in principle.  Please contact to originator directly if you want to use data of this site to another place.
- If you can't find data originator, please contact me.  I will dispatch your request to originator.
- For personal use only, You can use the materials of this site freely.
The Originator agrees for this site to exists by another nonprofit media.
- If you can not agree with, please let me know.

There is the possibility that the above contents change without notice.  I will notify to the top page if I changed policies.  Please check this before you send information.  Also, the policy change will be reflected to the data you sent before.  Please let me know if you can not accept.  I will delete your data before applying updated policies.

I hope I want to make this site with you.

Thanks, Kazuo Taguchi