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Re:[163] Re[161]: Visit Japan Name: marco Date: 2005/12/31(Sat) 15:52  No.201  Mail  [Reply]
> Hell Marco,
> I don't know if there are days with runway repairs or something, but the first week of April will be risky.
> That is to say, the financial year in Japan ends in March and starts in April, and the first week is in the spring holidays.


I am sorry that it took so long to react. We went afterall to Japan first week of April and had fantastic time.
Everywere good flying and we see lot of aggressors at Nyatubaru and many F1エs and recce Phantoms so our visit was fantastic. We hope to visit Japan again in 2006.

> So if you visit an airbase on the first week, there is a high chance that you'll see an empty airbase.
> The second or third week will be less riskier, because the new financial year will have started and planes will start flying again.
> Hope it helps,
> phoenix