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F-4EJ cockpit photos. Name: Motty Date: 2009/01/17(Sat) 15:58  No.266  Mail  [Reply]
I apologise for the wrong topic but I am hoping some here may be able to help.

A friend of mine is putting together a very in depth detail book of the F-4Phantom. Currently ha will be covering mostly USAF versions.

He would like very much to include some JASDF subjects as well. I have some outside photos that he is interested in but he feels that he can't properly include the F-4EJ Kai without cockpit photos.

Does anyone here have, or know where I can find, good, high quality photos of the cockpits of JASDF Phantoms? All versions would be useful but the F-4EJ Kai is most important.

All credit will be given for any photos used.

Once again, I'm sorry that this isn't an F-15 question but I hope you can help us.

Thank you very much.
arigato gozaimas.
Darren Mottram