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Re:[283] F-15J's RADAR Name: Kazuo Date: 2010/05/05(Wed) 21:07  No.286  Mail  [Reply]
Hello Afihandarin san,

Japanese F-15J upgrade program is called "F-15J Kai". "Kai" is a Japanese word which means "Modify". There are 2 types to upgrade, type-1 and type-2. 928 is a prototype for type-1, and 942 is for type-2. F-15J Kai have APG-63 (v)1 as its RADAR-FCS. It is not AESA, but seems can easy convert to (v)3 because it developed based on the APG-70.

This upgrade program is for MSHIP'ed F-15J. I'm not sure how many F-15J were upgraded now, but program is on going.

I hope this makes sence. :-)