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Re[162][160][159][158][157][156][155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Kazuo Date: 2005/02/17(Thu) 19:26  No.164     [Reply]
Mario-san, sorry for late.

I will reply email when I send a package.
And, AGR's pages are now postponed due to additional investigation.


Re[161]: Visit Japan Name: phoenix Date: 2005/02/16(Wed) 23:40  No.163    [Reply]
Hell Marco,

I don't know if there are days with runway repairs or something, but the first week of April will be risky.
That is to say, the financial year in Japan ends in March and starts in April, and the first week is in the spring holidays.
So if you visit an airbase on the first week, there is a high chance that you'll see an empty airbase.

The second or third week will be less riskier, because the new financial year will have started and planes will start flying again.

Hope it helps,

Re[160][159][158][157][156][155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Mario Holly Date: 2005/02/15(Tue) 06:57  No.162     [Reply]
Konnichiwa Kazuo-san!
I did, are you receiving my responses?
Best regards
> Mario-san Konnichiwa!
> I've just send an email just now. If you don't receive it, could you please check your junk email folder?
> Thanks,
> Kazuo.

Visit Japan Name: Marco Date: 2005/02/14(Mon) 20:33  No.161     [Reply]

My compliments with your nice website, I will be visiting Japan first week of April. My scedule looks like this.....Monday; Tsuiki, Thuesday; Nyutabaru, Wednesday; Iwakuni, Thursday; Hyakuri and friday; Atsugi. Can you tell me if there are runway repairs during this time?? or maybe some other info wich can be important?
Thank you and kind regards,
Marco and Oscar

Re[159][158][157][156][155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Kazuo Date: 2005/02/11(Fri) 21:05  No.160     [Reply]
Mario-san Konnichiwa!

I've just send an email just now. If you don't receive it, could you please check your junk email folder?


Re[158][157][156][155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Mario Holly Date: 2005/02/09(Wed) 02:38  No.159     [Reply]
Konnichiwa Kazuo-san!
Good to hear from you. Did not receive e-mail so far!
Best regards
> Hi Mario-san, sorry for late.
> I've just sent an email to you.
> Kazuo.

Re[157][156][155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Kazuo Date: 2005/02/07(Mon) 22:25  No.158     [Reply]
Hi Mario-san, sorry for late.
I've just sent an email to you.


Re[156][155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Mario Holly Date: 2005/02/03(Thu) 10:21  No.157     [Reply]
Hello Kazuo-san!
Are you there? Haven't heard from you for quite a while.
Best regards
> Hi Mario-san,
> Happy new year! :-)
> Last month, #912 had been re-painted with new camofurage...
> http://www.f-15dj.com/imgbrd/img-box/img20041220141726.jpg
> I'll try to find out new color shade.

Re[155][154][153]: Questions... Name: Kazuo Date: 2005/01/01(Sat) 23:15  No.156     [Reply]
Hi Mario-san,
Happy new year! :-)

Last month, #912 had been re-painted with new camofurage...
I'll try to find out new color shade.

Re[154][153]: Questions... Name: Mario Holly Date: 2004/12/30(Thu) 05:36  No.155     [Reply]
Hi Kazuo,
Long time no speak!
These are great news.
Happy New Year.

Re[153]: Questions... Name: Kazuo Date: 2004/12/16(Thu) 00:17  No.154     [Reply]
Hi Ernesto! Thanks for posting again. :-)

About the news about cancelling the F2 project, I believe it is still under discussion. No one knows the result at this point. But I think all JSDF projects will be reduced in a next few years. I think the total purchase of F2s will be under 100.

By the way, I visited Nyu-tabaru airbase 10 days ago. I was lucky because I met an AGR's maintenance crew, and ... I got the color numbers of AGR's scheme!! :-)
Some of them are specified using Japanese paint manufacturer's code. so I'm asking the manufacturer to get a good English document to convert the codes into standard colors. When I get it, I will make new page.


Questions... Name: Ernesto Date: 2004/12/14(Tue) 16:59  No.153    [Reply]
Hi Kazuo! i don't know if you remember me, i am Ernesto from Argentina, last year I asked you some questions about JSDAF and the F2 project, wich you answer me ( thanks again!).
I was just chekin' your site to say "hello" but I saw here a post where it talks about F2's cutback...
Can you give some information about thath? Will the project be cancelled ( nooooo!!!) or just less planes will be build? If that's the case, how many of them?

AND have you finally found some color schemes of F-15Js? I've found one of a DJ model...I can send it to you if you want:)! If you have, could you please tell me the site? THANKS!!!

movements USAF airbases? Name: Elmar Date: 2004/12/13(Mon) 00:17  No.152   Home   [Reply]
Hi all,

We would like to expand our website http://fly.to/radiousaf
and therefor we are looking for movements from various airbases of the USAF in Japan. Is there someone who can help?
Please email me if you know someone:

Thanks in advance

no subject Name: phoenix Date: 2004/12/03(Fri) 23:56  No.151    [Reply]
Hi everyone.
I'd just like to know if there is a good site about F100 engines. I'm searching myself but I can't find any.
It's OK in both English or Japanese.

Help appreciated,

no subject Name: phoenix Date: 2004/11/19(Fri) 19:55  No.150    [Reply]
Hello Ron.
There is nothing different about the layouts from the C-type.
May I ask if there is anything that makes you think the J-type has different layouts?

Re[148]: F-15J cockpit arrangement Name: Kazuo Date: 2004/11/17(Wed) 00:08  No.149     [Reply]
Hello Ron,

Due to my poor English skill, I could not enough understand what DEP is. Sorry if I misunderstand but F-15J's cockpit layout is basically same as F-15C-21MC.
I have a few photos of F-15J's cockpit. If these photos will help you, I will post it to somewhere you can access...


F-15J cockpit arrangement Name: Ron Date: 2004/11/13(Sat) 03:15  No.148     [Reply]
I am looking for teh side and top view of a F-15J cockpit arrangement. I am looking for either the dimensions of the pilot position (DEP) and the postion of the stick, throttle, pedals, seat and side and front consoles.

Thanks Javi Name: Jason Webb Date: 2004/10/15(Fri) 19:28  No.147   Home   [Reply]
Some excellent websites - thanks Javi.

Still trying to find more - now have found evidence of 5 - they are 963, 832, 957, 930 & 955.

Any more information much appreciated.



Re[145]: White Dragon F-15's Name: Javi Date: 2004/10/13(Wed) 19:58  No.146    [Reply]
Hello Jason.

According to Mr. Harry's site, the '03 Tac Meet paint machines for the 303 Sq were 832, 930, 955, 957 and 963. See

The planes that displayed in the Komatsu AB airshow were 963 (solo, with a shark mouth) and 930/955 (along with 906/920 from the 306 Sq). You can see some pictures here







Hope it helps.

White Dragon F-15's Name: Jason Webb Date: 2004/10/12(Tue) 21:44  No.145   Home   [Reply]
Thanks for your prompt response Kazuo.

Have now identified 963, 955 & 930 as White Dragons - have looked at your photos on the TAC page & can't see of 957 as a White Dragon.

Does anyone have anymore information on these markings - were they for 2003 only & did the aircraft just fly in pairs or did they fly all together??

Will post photos of the models when finished.

Any help much appreciated.



Re[143]: White Dragon F-15J's Name: Kazuo Date: 2004/10/11(Mon) 22:47  No.144     [Reply]
Hello Jason, sorry for late.

I verified some photos in TAC MEET 2003, and found 4 White Dragons, 930, 955, 957, and 963. These Dragons are slightly different because it was painted by hand.

By the way, 1/9 is very big schale. I'd like to see them if you bring them to completion. Feel free to post its picture to my another website, http://www.f-15dj.com/imgbrd/imgboard.cgi . :-)


White Dragon F-15J's Name: Jason Webb Date: 2004/10/08(Fri) 20:10  No.143   Home   [Reply]

Am trying to track down the identity & more information/pictures of the 2nd
F15-J "White Dragon Shiro Ruyu" 303rd TFS display team. (the ones with white dragon on the top surfaces).

Have identified one as F-15J 72-8963 - but not sure of identity of the other - could be 42-8832 or 42-8833.

Any help would be would be much appreciated - as building a pair of jet powered R/c 1/9 scale F-15's and want to paint them in these colours.


Re[141]: JASDF F-15 Sqn patches Name: Kazuo Date: 2004/10/01(Fri) 11:26  No.142     [Reply]
Hello Asif,

Sorry for late. I'm not a collector, so I don't know good contacts. I hope someone else can help you.


JASDF F-15 Sqn patches Name: Asif Shamim Date: 2004/09/20(Mon) 15:33  No.141     [Reply]
Hi Kazuo,

Do you or any of your contacts know where I can get hold of official Squadron patches for Japanese JASDF units? I've been collecting patches for 10+ years and still have a growing collection. Could do with help getting hold of patches.

United Kingom

no subject Name: phoenix Date: 2004/09/03(Fri) 14:15  No.140    [Reply]
Hello Mark,
Yes the F-2 is going to be cutback.
Noone knows about the replacements for sure.
But I don`t think it will be more F-15Js, they`ve already stopped making them.
It may be something like the F-15E or something.
Another possibility is a downgraded F/A-22 or F-35.

More F-15Js? Name: Mark Date: 2004/09/03(Fri) 10:27  No.139     [Reply]
I heard that that the new F-2 is going to be cutback, because of its spiraling cost is approaching that of the F-15J. So is the Japanese Air Force going to buy more F-15J Eagles instead, you think?

Also, wouldn't the Grumman F-14 Tomcat been a better choice, if Japan gone with it instead of the Eagle?

Re[136]: Faker doubts Name: Kazuo Date: 2004/08/13(Fri) 23:12  No.138     [Reply]
Hello Javi-san, sorry for late reply.

I was asked 818's photo originator but still no response.
Could you wait few more days?


Re[132][130][124][123]: AAM-4 Name: Richard Douglas Date: 2004/07/25(Sun) 13:55  No.137    [Reply]
> Hello again,
> Mr.SG sent me a AAM-4 photo. I put it to the bottom of http://www.f-15j.com/archive/mecha/mrm/mrm.htm . It is not a dummy. I hope it help you.
> Thanks,
> Kazuo.
Doomo arigato gozaimasu!!

Faker doubts Name: Javi Date: 2004/07/23(Fri) 17:59  No.136    [Reply]
たぐちさん, hello.
How are you?
I have some doubts concerning faker machines.

I would like to know:
* the plane that was 201 Sq 1998 "Type Br" faker (along with 814, 879 and 901, according to the pictures of こまつさん)

* the year this picture was taken

* the year 908 acted as faker for the 204 Sq with green-painted wings and tailplanes.

Could you please help me?
Thankyou so much.

Re[134][133]: Avionics Bay - color? Name: Kevin Date: 2004/07/22(Thu) 09:56  No.135     [Reply]
Thanks Phoenix.


> Hello Kevin,
> If you mean the avionics bay behind the pilot, it's white, but the box with the avionics stuff in it is black.
> It's not only 963, all the F-15Js are like that.
> Hope it helps,
> phoenix

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