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Subject Name: ItsMasum Date: 2024/05/26(Sun) 12:26  No.486   Home   [Reply]
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F-15j aggressor camouflage Name: Jose Motta Date: 2016/11/02(Wed) 22:24  No.469     [Reply]
Hello Kazuo,

Thank you very much for your research!

But now I have a problem... I have one Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C (single seater), one wolfpack48020 F-15J/DJ JASDF Eagle Update set and one Twobobs 48-080 48-080 F-15J/DJ Japanese Aggressors.
So my project for an Eagle Aggressor must be for a single seater and seems to be hard to find single seater JASDF Eagles in a cool camouflage when compared with double seaters...

Re:[467] No subject Name: Kazuo Taguchi Date: 2016/10/26(Wed) 19:58  No.468    [Reply]
This is direct link to 083 page.


Last 3 digits are serial number. You can replace them to 801-965, 051 to 098.

No subject Name: Kazuo Taguchi Date: 2016/10/26(Wed) 16:12  No.467    [Reply]
Hello Jose san,

I asked my friends, and result is no aggressor's single seat F-15 with only black camo. However, some squadron made fake aggressor before ACM exercise, and possibly black camo F-15J was exist temporarily.

In addition, 2 F-15DJs using only black camo are 065 - as you know, and 083. You can find its photos from

If you have any, please feel free to write here again!


Re:[465] F-15j aggressor camouflage Name: Kazuo Taguchi Date: 2016/10/19(Wed) 16:13  No.466    [Reply]
Hello Jose san,

> "> However, I'd like to make sure 'gray/gray/black' you wrote means 'original 2 grays + black'?"
> - YES, this is exactly what I'm saying.-

I know 2 aggressor's F-15DJs which using only black additionally, 065 and 083. No single seat F-15J with original 2grays + black...
I will ask my friends and get back to you once I got update. :-)


F-15j aggressor camouflage Name: Jose Motta Date: 2016/10/17(Mon) 06:59  No.465   Home   [Reply]
Hello Kazuo!

"> However, I'd like to make sure 'gray/gray/black' you wrote means 'original 2 grays + black'?"
- YES, this is exactly what I'm saying.-

I've saved this photo (62-8877)in my computer but I can't remember from where in internet I've gotten it.


I know... it doesn't look the Aggressor Squadron (Snake head on tail) but it does look the camouflage pattern what I'm looking for.
Please, feel free to e-mail me any picture or link.
Kind regards.

Re:[462] No subject Name: Kazuo Taguchi Date: 2016/10/16(Sun) 21:15  No.463    [Reply]
Hello Jose san!

Oh, I misunderstood J and DJ.
I found 92-8906 is only single seat F-15J with using black color.


I think it is not one you are looking for, because it using white color also.

However, I'd like to make sure 'gray/gray/black' you wrote means 'original 2 grays + black'?

No subject Name: Jose Motta Date: 2016/10/16(Sun) 02:49  No.462   Home   [Reply]
Hello Kazuo!

Greetings from Brazil!
I do like the F-15DJ 82-8065 camo pattern (Piero de Santis built a really nice Hasegawa 1/48 one)... However, my idea is little different... I'm would like to build one F-15J (single seater), and I prefer a scheme without white color, only gray and black.

Re:[458] F-15j aggressor camouflage Name: Kazuo Taguchi Date: 2016/10/15(Sat) 20:02  No.460    [Reply]
Hello Jose san,

I'm not sure gray/gray/black F-15DJ, but I think it could be gray/white/black. Could you share the number of F-15DJ you are looking for? I have some photos of them...

F-15J camo pattern Name: Jose Motta Date: 2016/10/15(Sat) 10:05  No.459   Home   [Reply]
I've forgot to say... I only find references for the F-15DJ in gray/gray/black camo scheme. It's the same pattern?

F-15j aggressor camouflage Name: Jose Motta Date: 2016/10/15(Sat) 10:01  No.458   Home   [Reply]

I'm planning to convert one Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C into F-15J aggressor. I've got already the Wolfpack conversion set and the twobobs decals... I would like to paint the gray/gray/black camo pattern but it's really had to find good references...
Any help, please?

Hyakuri Name: Marco Date: 2012/11/30(Fri) 19:22  No.332     [Reply]

I am planning a trip to Japan end of february, does anybody know if the aggressor F15's will be in Hyakuri during February?

Kind regards,

Re:[295] F 15J number 72-8963 Name: Kazuo Date: 2010/12/06(Mon) 21:03  No.296     [Reply]
Hi Rafael-san,

I hope following picture helps you.

I don't have good #963 pics, but #938 which is similar camofurage to #963. Its camo enhanced to nose. I posted the picture to bellow. Hope it helps.

F 15J number 72-8963 Name: Rafael Date: 2010/11/27(Sat) 10:44  No.295     [Reply]
I'm a plastic modeler and I'm searching for information and pictures of that aircraft in a "special light blue" camo I found on the internet. The thing is that I want to build my model with that camo but I'm didn't found any pictures of the upper surface of the aircraft. Could you please help me on this?? Many thanks

TAC MEET 2010 Name: Kazuo Date: 2010/06/03(Thu) 23:33  No.288     [Reply]
Winner is 303sq and 3sq. :-)

JASDF F15 PATCHES Name: SHAUN SMITH Date: 2010/05/25(Tue) 03:24  No.287     [Reply]
I collect F15 patchtes in the Uk and would like help purcahsing F15J patches in Japan to add to my collection of 500+ patches as they are very hard to get outside of Japan.

Any elp would be appreciated.

Thanks Shaun

Re:[283] F-15J's RADAR Name: Kazuo Date: 2010/05/05(Wed) 21:07  No.286     [Reply]
Hello Afihandarin san,

Japanese F-15J upgrade program is called "F-15J Kai". "Kai" is a Japanese word which means "Modify". There are 2 types to upgrade, type-1 and type-2. 928 is a prototype for type-1, and 942 is for type-2. F-15J Kai have APG-63 (v)1 as its RADAR-FCS. It is not AESA, but seems can easy convert to (v)3 because it developed based on the APG-70.

This upgrade program is for MSHIP'ed F-15J. I'm not sure how many F-15J were upgraded now, but program is on going.

I hope this makes sence. :-)


Re:[282] slides of japanese military aircraft Name: Kazuo Date: 2010/05/05(Wed) 20:36  No.285     [Reply]
Hello Koning san,

I translated your message to Japanese and post it to J-message board. I hope someone respond to you. :-)


F-15J's RADAR Name: Dhimas Afihandarin Date: 2010/04/21(Wed) 15:48  No.283     [Reply]
Greetings from Indonesia

I have a question related to the F-15J avionics suite..particularly in RADAR system, did it still use APG-63 RADAR or have it been replaced with later variant (APG-70) or Japanese indigenous RADAR system ?

I'm very grateful for any response given :D

Dhimas Afihandarin

slides of japanese military aircraft Name: Hans Koning Date: 2010/04/16(Fri) 19:58  No.282     [Reply]
Dear Aviation Enthousiast,

I am looking for people who can help me with slides of F-4EJ,F-15J,T-4 and other Japanes military aircraft types. I can offer many slides of European Air Forces in exchange.

Any reaction is welcome

Kind regards
Hans Koning
The Netherlands

TAC MEET 2009 Name: Kazuo Date: 2009/06/07(Sun) 01:45  No.274    [Reply]
No.1 F-15 sq for TAC meet 2009 is 306sq. :-)
F-2 and F4 was cancelled due to bad weather.

Re:[267] F-4EJ cockpit photos. Name: Motty Date: 2009/01/23(Fri) 20:25  No.268     [Reply]
> Kon ni chi wa Kazu-san,

Many thanks for you efforts. That would be very helpful.

arigato gozaimas.
Darren Mottram

Re:[266] F-4EJ cockpit photos. Name: Kazuo Date: 2009/01/18(Sun) 00:41  No.267     [Reply]
Hello Motty-san,

No problem! :-)
I will ask my friends if they have high-quarity cockpit photo of F-4EJKai ASAP.


F-4EJ cockpit photos. Name: Motty Date: 2009/01/17(Sat) 15:58  No.266     [Reply]
I apologise for the wrong topic but I am hoping some here may be able to help.

A friend of mine is putting together a very in depth detail book of the F-4Phantom. Currently ha will be covering mostly USAF versions.

He would like very much to include some JASDF subjects as well. I have some outside photos that he is interested in but he feels that he can't properly include the F-4EJ Kai without cockpit photos.

Does anyone here have, or know where I can find, good, high quality photos of the cockpits of JASDF Phantoms? All versions would be useful but the F-4EJ Kai is most important.

All credit will be given for any photos used.

Once again, I'm sorry that this isn't an F-15 question but I hope you can help us.

Thank you very much.
arigato gozaimas.
Darren Mottram

Stencils Aggressor F-15 Name: Thomas Date: 2007/09/14(Fri) 08:33  No.246     [Reply]
Ohaio Gosaimas.

I have the folowing question. What do the stencil lines on the upper wing look like, they look like walkways and seem to be masked with black or unmasked with white small stripes ? any clear photos?

Domo arrigato Thomas

Shiro Ryu, F-15J nr.963 Name: Dave Hawkins Date: 2007/09/08(Sat) 07:25  No.245     [Reply]
Good morning,
Has the multi coloured aggressor F 15J, with the white dragon, ever been comfirmed as correct colours as constructed with the scheme as shown in the 'Military in Scale' Dec.'03. Two Bobs decals state that four (4) F 15 J had the white dragon applied but all were only painted in two (2) tone aggressor grey. Which scheme is correct?

Tactical Fighter trining group scheme colour Name: Marco Calestini Date: 2007/09/01(Sat) 01:46  No.244     [Reply]
I'm looking for the match between JPMA and FEDERAL standard colours of the Tactical Fighter trining group on F.15J. at least the Gunze sangio or the Tamya references.
Thank you. Marco

Off-line meeting at CHITOSE AB Name: Kazuo Date: 2007/06/27(Wed) 22:56  No.235     [Reply]
Does anyone plan to visit CHITOSE Air show at next Aug?
I'll have a party the day before Airshow at Chitose. If you can join to us, please let me know. :-)

Re:[163] Re[161]: Visit Japan Name: marco Date: 2005/12/31(Sat) 15:52  No.201     [Reply]
> Hell Marco,
> I don't know if there are days with runway repairs or something, but the first week of April will be risky.
> That is to say, the financial year in Japan ends in March and starts in April, and the first week is in the spring holidays.


I am sorry that it took so long to react. We went afterall to Japan first week of April and had fantastic time.
Everywere good flying and we see lot of aggressors at Nyatubaru and many F1エs and recce Phantoms so our visit was fantastic. We hope to visit Japan again in 2006.

> So if you visit an airbase on the first week, there is a high chance that you'll see an empty airbase.
> The second or third week will be less riskier, because the new financial year will have started and planes will start flying again.
> Hope it helps,
> phoenix

Re:[196] Shiro Ryu, F-15J nr.963 Name: Mario Holly Date: 2005/12/20(Tue) 00:40  No.198   Home   [Reply]
Konnichiwa Kazuo-sama!
Yes, it's strange, I doubt accuracy but looks VERY cool!
Thank you so much for update on aggressor colors. Now I understand delay. I'll patiently wait further, I'm sure it's worth it!
Best regards

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